Nelly's journey started at the early age of 5 when she joined the Bulgarian Sports Dance Federation in Ballroom dancing and competed on a national and international level through her teenage years. Throughout the years Nelly explored various styles of dancing, however Belly Dance was the one she absolutely fell for with all her hearth. A breath-taking performance inspired Nelly to start intensive training, learning from experts both in the UK and internationally. Nelly’s energy is contagious; her warm, friendly and positive approach helps her develop long-lasting relationships with her students.

Nelly’s mission is to spread her love for dancing, inspire and encourage women to love themselves the way they are and to feel at home in their own body. “Belly Dance is a magical power and a way of life. It is a world of happiness and joy that comes from a deep down appreciation and self-love. Being able to teach and share my passion with other women is the greatest gift of life!”

Dancing has always been an imminent part of Nelly’s life. She has taught and performed at various high profile corporate events both in the UK and internationally in countries such as Morocco, Bulgaria, Turkey and Egypt.

Nelly Belly Dance School offers training from Beginners through to Advanced level. Each course is goal orientated, covering technique and rhythms. The classes are designed to support a rapid development. There is so much to explore through this expressive and creative art form.

    Classes locations:
  • High Holborn
  • Baker Steet
    • Terms of courses throughout the year:
  • January - March
  • April - June
  • October - December
    • Nelly Belly Dance Offers:
  • Classes on a private one to one tuition at the comfort of your own home
  • One to one classes for a private occasion such as birthday, hen etc.
  • One off workshops